About Me

Hi Internet!

I am a designer, artist, and centaur*. Nothing brings me more joy than losing myself in work that excites me, triumphantly coming out on the other side, and obsessively counted the pixels along the way.

I’m experienced in UX and UI design for web, mobile, desktop software, and hardware. Projects that require clever solutions inspire me, whether the product is a game, educational tool, TV streaming service, or eCommerce platform.

When not at the computer working, I play endless amounts of fetch with my puppy. You’ll usually find me either holding a paintbrush or my camera. I’ll geek out for games of both the video and table-top variety anytime.

* From the waist up


Recent Work

The Met Logo

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, bringing life to art, and art to lives.

As first ever UX designer in the institution’s 150 year history I have been working to help rebuild and unify the digital experiences across the websites, ticket kiosks, and internal tools. Projects have included streamlining the ticket purchase, membership purchase and renewal, and donation checkout experiences as well as setting up and designing a system to re-platform The Met’s world class content and online collection of artwork. I also run user testing for all of our digital products. - Transaction Unification Project ( Buy Tickets / Become a Member / Make a Donation )

The Met - Unified Transactions - Site Wide Search Redesign

The Met - Site Wide Search - Advanced Online Collection Search Redesign

The Met - Collection Wide Search

Past Work

Makerbot logo

At MakerBot we build 3D printers and their software.

As Sr. UX/UI Designer I have led several projects, some are still top secret… But I got to contribute to everything from the on printer UI, the hardware, the mobile and desktop Apps, to the company website. I also worked to build the iconography system to make sure all of the brand’s interfaces are cohesive.

MakerBot Replicator Display - 3D Printer OS

3D Printer OS 1
3D Printer OS 2
3D Printer OS 3
3D Printer OS 4
3D Printer OS 5
3D Printer OS 6

MakerBot Mobile - Android

Android 1
Android 2
Android 3

MakerBot Print Shop - iPad App

Print Shop 1
Print Shop 2

MakerBot Print - Mac, Windows App

Print App 1
Print App 2 - Education Portal

Education 1
Education 2

MakerBot Desktop - Mac, Linux, Windows App

Desktop 1
Desktop 2 - Store Checkout Experience


MakerBot UI Iconography

Icons 1
Icons 2
Icons 3

Previous Clients/Employers

Logo 1
Logo 2
Logo 3
Logo 4
Logo 5
Logo 6
Logo 7
Logo 8

Personal Work

Watercolor koi fish
Watercolor owls
Watercolor penguin

Aokigahara - Board Game Design, Artwork, Illustration, Branding, and Packaging Design

Aokigahara logo

A game of forest exploration and honor. Venture into Aokigahara and recover the bodies of the lost. The forest shifts and changes without warning. The spirits here do not like intruders.

Can you bring the dead peace?
Or will you join them?

Aokigahara photo